by Manuela Emmer Photography

arsnecopinata (Katharina Möller)

arsnecopinata was born 1982 in East Germany (GDR) and currently lives in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

She works with varying media, loves experimenting with and combining different materials. Her artworks have been used as illustrations for magazines and lectures, and have been shared in Germany, the UK  and the UAE in several exhibitions at public places and art galleries.

arsnecopinata was one of the founding members and organizer of AD Arts Collective.  From November 2014 to end of 2016 AD Arts Collective took a proactive part in shaping Abu Dhabi’s creative grassroots movement, organizing art festivals and collaborating for creative/art events. In 2016 arsnecopinata joined up with the artist group Henosis.

In November 2017 she came out with her debut solo exhibition “ARSNECOPINATA”, curated by Claude Habib, at La Parole Art Gallery, Abu Dhabi.

For selected exhibition projects arsnecopinata continues to take over curation and organisation tasks.

‘ars necopinata’ Latin for:  unexpected, surprising art

Artist Statement:

“Since the time I could hold a pen, I expressed myself through drawing, painting and all kinds of arts and crafts, even writing poetry and short stories. I think, and my every thought is in pictures, which leads to my mainly abstract figurative style.

Creating things was always the best therapy for myself, exploring my own depths, healing my own wounds. Expressing the inexpressible, my only way to communicate my traumas. During that time I developed a huge interest in human psyche from scientific and spiritual point of view. Now my main focus in art are we humans in general.

There’s no limitation in the media I use and the process of transforming some materials into something else is as much symbolic as the message expressed in each work. What started once out of necessity due to the lack of funds for high quality art supplies became during the years a fix part of my style. For example enjoying the hidden symbolism while working with beer coaster cuts. Coating them in plenty layers of acrylic paint, just as all the bars and pubs in the UAE, neatly hidden away from obvious view.

I  communicate through my works my perspective to see, think and act in a more kind and sustainable manner towards ourselves, each other and our surrounding environment.”


 For more details kindly contact moeller@arsnecopinata.de