When an artist, an engineer and a cat need a new couch…

How to get a cat proof, rheumatic friendly couch with a seat height suitable for long legged people? A couch, which does not turn saggy and worn after just a few years of use, ending far too quickly as bulky waste? –  There is nowhere to find something like this in furniture stores, so we decided to build it on our own.

The ottoman is build from four wood palettes, which served as guest bed body by friends in their former life. For the other couch partition we took wood planks, formerly used as packing wood for machinery parts and discarded on a construction side. Custom made traditional Emirati majlis cushions ensure a highly comfortable upholstery.

For us humans the most important requirements for our new couch were comfort, sturdiness, long-legged-people suitable seat height and a design as per our liking. But we are not the only beings in this house with special couch preferences. There is also Mischief, the cat.

It was quite some fun, to transform the couch body into a cats playground. There are some gaps between the planks, offering a small labyrinth to explore and hide, one plank is wrapped in sisal rope. Hidden in the body is hammock stitched from an old tea towel and another pad made from old face towels, both serving as additional resting places. Using BBQ skewers as knitting needles, I turned more than 2km jute rope into scratch&rub proof pads. Ten jute pads cover the compressed-wood blocks of the palettes, one big scratch pad serves as front end cover of the couch.

This couch will definitely serve us well for many years. The body is sturdy enough to last for ages without turning saggy. In case the wood looks a bit used after a while, it can be easy fixed with some sanding and oil treatment. When the fabric looks too worn, we simply can order new cushion/mattress covers. But we definitely will not end up again with plenty bulky waste every few years and a need of a new couch.

Next project: a suitable couch table. Already work in progress.


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…I wanted to burn all my artworks…

Reflections of my debut solo

One year ago from today, on November 6, 2017, my debut solo opened, and still I haven’t written anything about it in my blog. I was simply too burned out afterwards. Now – one year later – I feel it’s time to finally share some thoughts and experiences about how the solo happened in first place, and what it meant to me for my personal growth.

Since I moved to the UAE I was was participating in group art shows, organizing art festivals, each time exhibiting just 1-5 works per event. I enjoyed the opportunity to add something ‘crazy’ to the showcase selection.  It also made me feel safe to ‘hide’ behind the group.

Many people told me during these years, I should come out with a solo show. I could not imagine an exhibition opening with me as the only artist at the centre of attraction. The very thought freaked me out. Besides, neither did I have the confidence to believe that people could seriously be interested in a setup of my works alone, nor that my skills and techniques were professional enough to not embarrass myself.

As you may already know, my art is very personal. It’s rather similar to a dairy people write to deal with impressions, experiences and working out personal issues. I think in pictures, therefore creating something is the straightest way to bring out my thoughts and emotions. Showcasing just one or a few works only offered a glimpse of my very own inner chaos, my own universe. Showcasing a bigger body of works would present me open as a book, vulnerable and exposed.

After a few years in UAE, Henosis – the artists Ashvin and B’lu –  happened to me. They are well known established artists in UAE’s art scene. They organized a lot of rather unconventional art shows in the past with quirky titles as ‘Mind your hashtags’ and ‘Ways to kill your boss’. They believed in me. Asked me to join them because they loved my honesty and association with my artistic process. They actually managed to trick me into the solo, because they knew from their own experience, this step will help me to become more confident about my art, myself and as an artist.

I was told, there is a gallery owner who would like to have a look at our artworks (Ashvin’s, B’lu’s and mine) to consider a potential collaboration. Ashvin and B’lu selected a body of my works and we let them frame nicely. The appointment was made by my dear artist friends at their art studio and we brought over a sample of 10 of my works. I was already excited and anxious as hell, because for the first time I was supposed to get feedback from a gallery owner. Approximately 30 minutes before regarding lady arrived, Ashvin told me, that one of the meeting’s reasons is to push my solo. I was close to hyperventilating.

Claude Habib, owner of La PAROLE Art Gallery, came in and immediately was in awe with one of my works without even knowing it’s mine. And so it began…

I had 8 months of preparation time left in my studio. The gallery expected: “Some more bigger paintings would be nice”. I worked hard, there was a lot in my brain screaming for release anyway. The necessary artistic support and guidance through that period came from B’lu. Especially the ‘bigger’ works brought me often on the edge of exhaustion, since my tunnel vision makes the basic composition in big scale quite difficult, though it may help a lot for detailed works. More often than not I was driven to the point where I seriously started doubting any of my works would be good enough for display. After many hours every day on my easel, my eyes were often so exhausted, that I needed to stop because I could not see anything anymore and all those lines I painted appeared to start moving and wiggling. Since I had a deadline, I needed to consider what part of my ideas I want to prioritize under which aspects of consideration of what I actually want to show of myself. Always the big question: What about me and how much of it I can manage to expose to public at once.

Each of my pieces took  usually 3-6 weeks working time.  Often I would panic about my skills and techniques. I never studied art, never created to impress someone else. It was always for me only. Without B’lu’s support I surely would have given up, gutted in fear. She helped me to find my own courage. As closer the curation appointment came, as less I could sleep, as more I freaked out. It did not really help either, that the appointment for artwork selection was postponed a few times on last minute. Eventually it happened and funny as it is, the gallery owner was surprised about my anxiety. She made her selection and appeared very happy with it. I told her about my fear and uncertainty, the feeling of ‘not being ready yet’. She just answered: “If you wait until you ‘feel’ ready, you will never do it”. The next two weeks I finally could sleep again. A comatose black-out kind of sleep.

The last three weeks before the opening were buried in last minute tasks. Coffee mug printing (not as easy as it sounds due to… you know… Abu Dhabi…), crafting the ribbon (…never liked the commonly used kitschy ribbons), crafting the obligatory ‘flower bouquet’, tailoring of an abaya and getting it embroidered with one of my artwork designs, framing of artworks, exhibition installation, baking cupcakes and organizing beverages and everything else for the opening catering, and so on. A lot what possibly could go wrong went wrong, but with support of my husband Gunnar and dear friends I managed all just in time…

I’ll never forget the feeling as we dropped the artworks at the gallery. The gallery was totally empty, waiting for my works to arrive. The realization of what just happened – delivering a big bunch of artworks to an art gallery neatly emptied out just for that very same reason – hit me like an anvil. I was breaking down crying during the ride back home. Two days later I faced the same feeling after my husband and me finished the installation under the gallery owners lead. Seeing an art gallery for the first time entirely filled with own works is so overwhelming! And quite strange. It’s a bit like in a mirror cabinet. Doesn’t matter where you look at, it’s always you looking back at you.

The opening came. Many of the guests were friends and artist colleagues, which made me feel comfortable soon. The special guest who opened the exhibition – Mr. Yasser Al Gargawi, Director of Cultural Events, Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development – brought two friends. One of them was responsible for The National Theatre, a venue where 3 of our AD Arts Collective art festivals took place. He appeared honestly happy to meet me, having heard about me through my work as organizer of AD Arts Collective in the past. We went around and he discussed with me every single artwork, including my ‘flower bouquet’, which actually turned out to be the most discussed artwork of the show and even got a sales request. Also a very big surprise was the fact, that Katharina Schuster, the Cultural Attachè of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, was attending the opening as well. Meeting her eventually led to this year’s exhibition project.

All who know me know how much I dislike posing for the camera. I had to look into lenses to such an extent during the opening, I got cramps in my cheeks by all those “smile here, smile there”. During all my previous openings usually the only mandatory picture was the ‘artist group picture’, but this time I was just alone. Most of my artist colleagues know about my dislike of posed pictures and me feeling not comfortable at all standing alone for that purpose. They all came together towards the end and surrounded me for one last …group picture. I had not to stay alone. A true gift of support.

While my husband was busy documenting the opening with his camera, our ‘wandering cam’, a camcorder, made its round through many hands. A lot of my friends recorded their impressions of the night, behind and in front of the lens. As I reviewed all those records the next day, I was touched to the heart. There were caught so many precious moments, small interviews, even a humorous ‘art critics’ discussion about all of my works from two friends.

Another huge experience through my exhibition was my very first art talk. After the opening I was so exhausted, still facing the art talk event. I had no experience or idea in how it’s usually supposed to be done, so I decided to not pressure myself with research about professional art talks. I asked the gallery owner to place chairs in a circle and simply made it a talk. 7 guests attended, and after 2 1/2 hours I had to break it up, because I could not speak any word anymore. I was so overwhelmed by their interest and feedback, and so drained after exposing so much of myself.

The biggest impact of a solo preparation is to bring an artist out of the studio into public existence. In my case: taking the pieces and acknowledging the context, the connection. Realizing who I am, what I’m doing and why. Realizing the organic growth of myself and my works. Figuring out about where I’m standing and where I want to go next. At least that was the theory…

After the exhibition I fell into a deep hole. For some reason I started doubting every positive feedback, every single praise of accomplishment. I started doubting the honesty behind all those words spoken to me. I wondered if people just spoke nicely out of politeness about my works, because I was the only artist on display and standing right there. I doubted the words of the gallery owner, wondered if she just was nice because I had to pay her a high rent for the gallery space. I felt so much on the very beginning of taking my very first baby steps in a direction of unknown destination. It was no more about the confidence about exposing my works, just exhaustion and the feeling of being ultimately drained and lost.

I wanted to go out in the desert and burn all my works in a huge bonfire (…previously I burned/destroyed big parts of my works, it felt awesome…). The only thing what kept me from doing it, was a series of inflammations in my body leaving me too weak for a desert trip. It is sort of an irony that it was my bad immune system, which kept me from another ‘cleaning’ art bonfire last winter. Instead, my body ‘inflamed’ and did the ‘burning’ for me.

The wounds caused by certain circumstances last year are now healed. I learned a lot and took my lessons out of it. I finally found enough confidence, to not hide in my studio anymore. Now I feel more comfortable with the idea, to showcase a bigger body of my works at once. The result was this October’s exhibition

Some impressions of the opening night and the works included:




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Between Success and Overload – an exhibition summary

Nearly three weeks ran our ‘Inspired by the UAE – German Artists in Abu Dhabi’ art exhibition under the patronage of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, hosted by Etihad Modern Art Gallery.

It was a big success in many ways, a lot to be proud of. The feedback was just amazing and flattering. Compliments as “…one of the best organized exhibitions here so far…”, “…amazing marketing…”, “…very good curation and setup…”, “…so many visitors during the entire exhibition period…”, “…highly professional…” “…very good art, truly something different than the usual…” etc…

We did not have the luxury of a team of professionals working for us. In fact, we did it entirely on our own. And we barely new each other on the begin of the exhibition preparation. All what connected us was the German language. The reason to start such a ridiculous task was an offer from our embassy to support an exhibition project for German artists in Abu Dhabi. The offer was made barely one year ago.

I seriously did not want to shoulder such a task on my own, so I contacted Angelika Hamilton, another German artists I already knew briefly. Together we acted as organizer and curation team. We went in touch with Manuela Emmer, Petra Kaltenbach and Ulrike Krocker, and they joined our artist team.

The only person in our group with some direct experiences in organizing and curating group exhibitions was me. Though it quickly turned out, each of us has different competences to add and is willing to take over regarding tasks in preparation. We got some sponsorship to cover expenses as catering, brochure printing, and other setup related printing items. Etihad Modern Art Gallery offered us to display in their rooms. That meant we had display space enough to guarantee each of us a solo worthy representation about how living in the UAE has influenced our personal work. Together we had over 70 artworks on display.

Who ever worked with artists together, know how diverse, sensitive, emotional and ‘difficult’ artists can be. Now imagine a bunch of five artists, all of them female, barely knowing each other. And they are supposed to team work. Sounds like a highly explosive and ridiculous idea? – Well, yes it usually is. But we did it anyway. And we succeeded.

However, there is a reason that exhibitions of such extent are usually organized and curated by very well paid professionals. Those are supposed to guide the artists, keeping their backs free and make sure, the artists only need to concentrate on their own works and representing themselves during the exhibition.  As mentioned, we did not had the luxury of a professional gallery team. We did everything on our own. All the preparation works, the curation, the marketing, the designs, running all errands, the exhibition installation and de-installation, organizing two Art Talk nights and several guided tours/meet the artist events…

I’m really proud of what we managed together, though I seriously do not wish to repeat such a project in the same manner. Being not only artist participating in a prestigious exhibition, but also being curator, coordinator, setup worker and setup leader all in one person, is simply too much. Exhausting, draining, it brought me to my limits in more than one way.

Alone all impressions and feedback I got as an artist during the exhibition were so overwhelming, that I truly need some time to digest everything. The same counts for the realization about what we actually managed to accomplish as a team under these given circumstances.

Even though I would rather avoid another edition in same way, I do not regret anything. It was an awesome experience, a big gain of confidence and some new found clarity about who I am, what I’m doing, what I want and don’t want, where to focus next.

And most important: I found new precious friends…

Here some exhibition impressions in pictures:


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Art Exhibition: Inspired by the UAE – German Artists in Abu Dhabi

Begin of the year I became once more involved in curation works, this time together with co-curator Angelika Hamilton. We feel honoured and grateful for the amazing support of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Abu Dhabi and Etihad Modern Art Gallery to make this happen:

In addition two Art Talks will take place on October 7 and 14 on 7:30pm, featuring Manuela Emmer and Angelika Hamilton on Oct 7 and Petra Kaltenbach, Ulrike Krocker and arsnecopinata on Oct 14.

From the press release:


“Inspired by the UAE” is the theme under which five of Germany’s most talented UAE based female artists bring together a body of work that illustrates how life in the UAE has influenced and enriched their artistic experience.
arsnecopinata, Manuela Emmer, Angelika Hamilton, Petra Kaltenbach and Ulrike Krocker use diverse and unusual techniques to consider family life, cultural immersion, transformative powers and human connections in a body of work that invites very personal reflections for all viewers.


arsnecopinata uses a figurative abstract style that focuses on what connects us as humans and how we profit by learning from and communicating with each other – especially among the diversity of people in UAE.

Manuela Emmer presents “MERGE”, a series of portrait photographs reflecting on families of various cultures and ethnic backgrounds living in the UAE, inspired by H.H. Sheikh Zayed and his vision of tolerance and co-existence.

Angelika Hamilton’s “Approximations” charts a personal story, measuring cultural immersion by using an object that intrigues most visitors on arrival to the UAE: The Emirati Burqa.

Petra Kaltenbach’s series “Transformation” brings the contrast between old and new to the canvas with ground breaking digital printing technique that involve rust.

Ulrike Krocker’s flow paintings transfer the vibrant and dynamic flow of the Emirates onto the canvas in mesmerizing swirls and curves that bind energetic forces into harmony.


Looking forward to see you there!



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Henosis interviewing arsnecopinata about upcoming debut solo exhibition!

…that just happened two days ago…

Henosis team (artist Ashvin and artist/art journalist B’lu) were visiting me at my studio for an interview about my upcoming solo at La Parole Art Gallery Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi in November 2017.

Curator Claude Habib at my studio

It was just a week after the curator Claude Habib visited to select artworks for my very first debut solo exhibition.

Until end of last year I never considered at all to dare a solo exhibition, and it never would have crossed my mind in wildest dreams, to have the slightest chance for a solo in a real registered art gallery. Now it will happen. In November at La Parole Art Gallery in Abu Dhabi. For the first time there will be no chance at all to ‘hide’ behind other artists during an exhibition opening. The attention will be all mine. ‘Arsnecopinata’ will be officially introduced to the art world.

How all that happened to become reality and what/who changed my mind to actually consider and dare a solo exhibition in first place, I will explain here during the next days.

Now it’s getting serious…



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…what my empty bedroom wall has to do with the “month of love” in UAE…

The month of February is officially themed the “month of love” this year in UAE. In that context I got a special invitation from La Parole Art Gallery to submit love-themed artworks for an exhibition at the Al Ain Rotana Hotel. Rule number one as an artist trying to establish one self: When you get a personal invitation from an official art gallery to submit some of your works, than whatever the theme may be, you submit!

People who know me may think for good reason, that “love” would not exactly be a theme I would dedicate an entire sample of works together in one exhibition. Though I have indeed created some works fitting the topic during the years. Works I never exhibited before. Works, I originally never had intended to showcase in public. For example a triptych usually residing in my bedroom. Carefully hidden behind a closed door for the entire duration of its existence…

And now it will be released along with two others, which shared a similar hermitic fate. All three traveling into another city, hanging around at a five star hotel in good company of other artists’ works, intending to socialize and maybe even making new friends.

Are you curious to figure out about these previously so carefully hidden works? Join us for the opening on Saturday 11th February 7pm at Al Ain Rotana Hotel and figure out! Many thanks to La Parole Art Gallery, I’m honoured to be one of the hand picked participating artists!

Love & Peace 😉


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…but what does it mean? …the story behind “Colour of Sound”

Each piece of art has its own story and meaning behind. Being an artist oneself or not, when looking at an artwork it is always difficult to explore the meaning and really get an idea what the artist wants to express. Sometimes the artwork title guides the observer to encompass the context, even more often only the artist’s statement will lead to deeper comprehension. Understanding art is directly related to understanding the story behind.

My lates work is a good example for art which can only be understood when knowing the story behind:

"Colour of Sound" - illustrated poetry to music by arsnecopinata

“Colour of Sound” – illustrated poetry to music by arsnecopinata

“Colour of Sound” was done in approximately 2 hours only, painted with acrylics in basic colours red, yellow, blue, green, black and white. It happened during the first edition of “The Colour of Sound” event presented by EPHX. “The Colour of Sound” incorporates music, poetry and fine arts inspiring each other. As one of the two participating artists my job was to create a painting on the spot. This had to be an inspired action while music played on the backdrop. Not just live music but poetry recitals. In the beginning of the event I was handed a copy of four poems. These where written by worthsmiths Afra Atiq and Adel Awad. I illustrated these four poems together on a 100x70cm sized canvas. The way I chose and blended colours was directy inspired by music performance of “The Hype”, a band assembling Abu Dhabi’s finest musicians, offering a style uniting components of jazz, blues and lounge music.

This information so far still doesn’t really help the beholder to understand the painting’s content. To really comprehend the artwork, one needs to know the poetry texts:

The first poem written by Adel Awad is named “Lost” and gives deep insights about the difficulty to define his own identity when “…being born as a second generation Asian immigrant in an Arab land immersed in western media”. [click to read full version]

The second poem performed by Afra Atiq is named “Dear Food”, which she claims to be her only love poem ever written. [click to read full version]

The third poem written by Afra Atiq comes along untitled but even more meaningful. It is about her grandfather’s ability “…to hold his breath” in liturally sense due to his work as a pearl fisher, and in metaphorical meaning referring to his fight against cancer. [click to read full version]

The fourth poem written by Adel Awad is named “Excess Baggage”,  shaping out the ephemerality of relations and the traces left by those while living in an expat dominated country. Adel Awad created an impressive allegory picturing a train station, himself sitting, waiting on a bench as observer of passersby, letting their excess baggage behind… [click to read full version]

Now, after reading the associated poetry, the beholder will have an idea how to “read”, to comprehend and interprete the artwork…

My artist collegue B’lu performed as well during that event. Her “Colour of Sound” artwork is associated to poetry of Safwa Mohammed and Justin Levy.

"Colour of Sound" by artist B'lu

“Colour of Sound” by artist B’lu

fine artists B'lu and arsnecopinata

fine artists B’lu and arsnecopinata

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The Colour of Sound – Abu Dhabi’s new artist challenge

The combination of poetry, music and art is not really a new concept. However, the way it will be tied together for The Colour of Sound, is completely new in Abu Dhabi. I have the honour to take a live painting part in the upcoming inaugural The Colour of Sound event together with artist B’lu. Besides us both fine artists, the entire performance team will consist of four of the best international poets in town and a band assembling a choice of Abu Dhabi’s finest musicians.

And now imagine following: While the poets perform, musicians will play on the spot inspired improvised sounds to the poetry and we artists will paint inspired of the texts and to the music. While poets and musicians will rotate in pairs, each of us artists will work on big canvas, to weave elements of all other contributions together to an artwork mirroring the the entire evening of diverse creativity. To spice it up even more, we will work only with the basic colour set: red, blue, yellow, green, black and white.

The excitement for me as fine artist is the challenge to combine all these different inspirations of poetry and music during that evening. Not knowing what comes next, always the risk to get triggered or to not being able to relate at all. The task to take something out of each performance and bring it on canvas in a way leading to an entire whole piece of art. It will be a true speed painting, given that at the end of the evening the artwork will be declared as finished and can not be altered anymore.

These artworks of B’lu and me will be offered for sale afterwards, so you can be sure we will not “just throwing some paints on canvas”. It will be a demonstration what we artists can do just with our skill set and experience, directly inspired on the spot without any previous preparation, only using a minimum on basic colours. A true challenge, but a very exciting one to take!

The Colour of Sound is presented by EPHX and will take place for the first time on Wednesday 9th November 7pm at Sky Lounge Thirtyone, Gand Millenium Hotel, Al Wahda in Abu Dhabi. It will continue on monthly base with always a new exciting team of performers.


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…natural blog evolution. Why language and content are changing

It’s been more than 3 1/2 years by now since I came to Abu Dhabi. This beautiful young and controverse city turned into my new home and life. Due to that big change the German travel blog I was used to write here has not been updated since a long time. However, my appologies for not deleting the German entries now, since they carry a lot of memories and should stay available for my family and friends from Germany.

A lot happened through the past few years, many new artworks have been created, exhibition and art shows organized, people connected to reach more in a team than alone… Here in UAE and through artist networks on social media I made friends with people from all over the world. On a daily base I communicate and work together with people of very diverse cultural and national backgound.  English as common language to interact became more and more important to me. That’s why I stopped writing here in German in first place and now decided to start with an English art blog to share background stories around my work as an artist. There’ll be some throw backs to early artworks and poetry, as well as about new artworks and projects…

If you find grammar and/or typing mistakes, feel free to let me know. I only can improve my skills, if I know what I made wrong and how to do better 😉

Wish you all a great day,


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Bis vor Kurzem konnte ich noch meine komplette Zeit frei einteilen, nun bin ich so beschäftigt, dass ich kaum noch weiss, wo mir der Kopf steht. Malen, malen malen, Organisationstreffen, Materialbeschaffungen… Ein schönes Gefühl. Und es fing wieder einmal alles mit Facebook an.

Vor einer Weile habe ich auf Facebook einen offenen Aufruf einer Architektin und Künstlerin gefunden, die in Abu Dhabi eine “Art Show” plant. Bewerbungsformular verlinkt. Natürlich habe ich mich beworben. Es stellte sich heraus, dass diese Frau sehr viel mehr im Sinn hat, als nur eine Gruppenausstellung zu veranstalten. Eine wirklich lebendige Kunstszene in Abu Dhabi ist derzeit nicht wirklich existent. Also suchte die Frau im Netz und in der realen Stadt nach Künstlern und begann, uns zu vernetzen. Facebook Gruppe, Meetup Gruppe, Emailverteiler, eine eigene Webseite für Arts_AD ist ebenfalls in Arbeit. Dort werden dann sämtliche Veranstaltungen gesammelt und bekannt gegeben (so etwas wie einen zentralen Veranstaltungskalender gibt es nämlich in Abu Dhabi auch noch nicht, meist erfährt man von den interessanten Sachen erst im Nachhinein aus der Zeitung), auch wird es Künstlerprofile von uns geben, auf denen wir unsere Originale zum Verkauf anbieten können. Und natürlich gemeinsame Projekte. Das erste Projekt ist sozusagen das große Hallo zur Entstehung der Gruppe – die Arts_AD Art Show. Dreißig Künstler stellen jeweils eines Ihrer besten Arbeiten aus, zur Eröffnung wird es ein zweistündiges Programm mit Darbietungen aller Art geben. Wir Feiern die pure Existenz von Talent und Kreativität in Abu Dhabi. Am Freitag, dem 14. November steigt die große Party, die Ausstellung selber geht bis zum 28. November. Bis dahin ist noch viel zu organisieren. Von mir wird das Mosaik-Gemälde “Inspire Each Other” dort zu sehen sein.

Zu der Arts_AD Gruppe wird es demnächst noch viele Neuigkeiten geben, denn im Rahmen dieser Grupper werden wir langfristig versuchen, eine lebendige Künstlerszene in Abu Dhabi zu etablieren und ein Bewusstsein dafür zu schaffen, dass echte Kreativität und Kunst nicht zwangsweise von meist längst toten Prominenten kommen muss 😉

Zwei Tage vorher am 5. November ist die Vernissage zu einer anderen Ausstellung, in der deutlich mehr Bilder von mir mit von der Partie sind. Dieses Projekt hat ebenfalls auf Facebook begonnen. Eine Künstlerin spanisch-cubanischer Herkunft fand dort mein Portfolio. Sie schrieb mich an, ob ich nicht Lust hätte, mit ihr zusammen auszustellen. Unsere Bilder würden sicher gut zusammen wirken. Ich schaute mir ihr Portfolio an und kam zu dem selben Schluss. Also verabredeten wir uns kurzer Hand zum kennen lernen auf einen Kaffee und besprachen die Idee. Es stellte sich heraus, dass die Frau hier in der Stadt zwölf Jahre lang als Event Manager gearbeitet hat und somit über gute Kontakte verfügt. Also überließ ich ihr die Suche nach einem passenden Ort, ich würde mich mit meinem Mann um Design und Beschaffung von Aufstellwänden kümmern. Ja genau – Aufstellwände. Hier muss man selbst in Galerien für gewöhnlich seine eigenen Aufstellmöglichkeiten mitbringen und meist sogar noch Miete für die Räume zahlen, egal wie öffentlich sie sind (z.B. Shopping Malls). Gesagt getan. …Lass eine Event Managerin etwas planen… Innerhalb von drei Tage wurde das Projekt immer größer. Jetzt sind wir vier bis fünf Künstlerinnen, bekommen den großen Verbindungsgang zwischen Mall und Souk im World Trade Center kostenlos, haben eine Wohltätigkeitsorganisation mit im Boot (20 Prozent unserer Verkäufe werden der Organisation gespendet, dafür stellen sie Freiwillige zur Aufsicht) und jede Menge Presseöffentlichkeit. Die Ausstelling wird bis zum 20. November gehen und im Dezember soll noch eine zweite an einem anderen Ort folgen. Soviel dazu.

Jetzt bereite ich mich quasi in kurzer Zeit auf drei Ausstellungen in Abu Dhabi vor, nachdem gerade eine (ohne meine persönliche Anwesenheit allerdings) in Milton Keynes, UK zu Ende gegangen ist. Was ein Einstand in meiner neuen Wahlheimat!

Wie Ihr seht, ne Menge zu tun. Sobald sich alles etwas beruhigt, gibt es viele Bilder und natürlich ausführliche Berichte von den einzelnen Veranstaltungen!



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