mixed media I: Beer Coaster Art



Disconnected – beer coaster cuts, desert sand and acrylics on canvas, 100x120cm, 2018

Disconnected from our roots we live in an artificial environment with more and more artificial needs. To maintain this lifestyle we harm our entire environment, deeply impacting all people and species we share our planet with. Our technical inventiveness should make it possible to create a more sustainable lifestyle for humanity.

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Dream of Peace

Dream of Peace – beer coaster cuts, desert sand and acrylics on canvas, 76x102cm, 2017

Most humans on earth dream of peace.
Many feel weak and powerless, desperate and depressed about the reality. To bring the dream into reality, we only can start within ourselves.
Collecting the shattered pieces of our souls. Healing our traumas, creating our very own mosaic out of those pieces.
Only when we find peace in ourselves, we are able to live in peace together and inspire each other.

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Inspire Each Other

The best way to evolve, unfold our personality and creativity is opening up to each other, learning from each other, working together instead against each other. Giving and taking in a healthy sustainable balance.
Life is far too short for envy and elbow mentality!