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#TinfoilHatFashion #AluHutModen – an invitation to design

[Deutsche Version befindet hier] Recently, whenever I look into German and international Western news, even everywhere on social media, one topic is more and more present: the so-called ‘tinfoil hats’ and their weird conspiracy theories. Though I’m not sure why … Continue reading

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#TinfoilHatFashion #AluHutModen – eine Einladung zum Basteln

[for English version click here] Wann immer ich in den letzten Tagen in Deutsche und Englische Nachrichten schaue, selbst überall in den Sozialen Medien, rückt ein Thema mehr und mehr in den Vordergrund: die sogenannten ‘Aluhüte’ und ihre verrückten Verschwörungstheorien. … Continue reading

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Home quarantine – Tips from someone with experience

The biggest challenge in being stuck at home is how to cope mentally with the situation. Due to chronic health issues and a suppressed immune system, ‘home quarantine’ similar episodes are very common to me, often lasting weeks to months, … Continue reading

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