ink pen on paper, 42×29.7cm, 2018

Freedom of expression is a necessity to address nuisance and constructive criticism within a society. Only if that is possible, a society can improve and grow. However, freedom of expression around the world is rather a rare luxury good than a general human right. Writers, artists of all kind and activists always have to calculate the risk how far they go to stretch the tight boarders of society’s restrictions, often ending restricting themselves to stay safe. It leads to a risky balancing act to navigate through the gaps between the bricks in the wall of restrictions, a true challenge to address issues in a ways just broad enough for interpretations to stay on the safe side…



In The Shell
pencil and soft pastel on paper, 59.4x42cm, 2017


…retreated in a shell
curled up
in safety
…only when the breath stops bubbling out
the shell turns from safety into prison
and there will be just another ghost in the shell…





acrylics on canvas, 100x70cm, 2017


Exploring the depth of human character in a deeper way – through the ebb and flow of the mind and various emotions. An open flexible mind, vivid eyes scanning and recognizing, exploring and watching in all directions. The mouth to speak up well thought through, the ears to listen patiently and aware.

As deep as an actor needs to explore the character he has to play on stage, as deep we should explore and shape our own character. We all have to potential to play an important role somewhere somehow for somebody.



Grassroots Movement
ink pen on paper, 21x28cm, 2016
One enlarged version acrylics an canvas, 75x100cm, 2017


When we come together and connect, share our skills and resources with each other, we will be much stronger. Together we can reach more, grow more. Teamwork is the fertilizer to grow the seeds of ideas into trees of our deeds, which will carry the fruits of our achievements.





Loss Of Home
ink pen and graphite on paper, 42×29.7cm, 2016


Regarding UNHCR (The UN Refugee Agency) statistics for 2016 told, there are “65.6 million forcibly displaced people worldwide”*. People which lost home due to violent conflicts of all kind and/or natural disasters.
Imagining the desperation, the immensely deep feeling of loss. The loss of family members, friends, home, everything… *source:




ink pen on paper, 28x21cm, 2016




…he was told a stone can not feel pain
So he turned into stone.
What he was not told:
A stone can not feel hope and love either…




Goddess of Turkish Coffee
ink pen on paper, 40.5×29.5cm, 2015



Dear Goddess of Turkish Coffee,

My light and rescue every morning when I’m still caught in the depths of last night’s sleep.
Struggling with heaviness deep in limbs, head and eyes, your smell lures me, seduces me.
You rise from the dark fuel of life and your gentle touch opens my tired eyes.
With every sip you lure me farther from the depths of the night into the brightness of the day…



Social Networks
ink pen and pencil on paper, 28.5x30cm, 2014
Prints available on request up to a size of 76.5x80cm


After a long time of reluctance eventually I joined the social network facebook. I experienced such an immense overload of more and/or less meaningful/useful/important input. Confusion pure, a wild mix of everything all thrown together in one big pot of ‘news feed’.
Connecting with people across the world can lead to new friendships and great opportunities.
There’s also the constant danger of imposture and frauds of all kind.




Create Your Life
ink pen and pencil on paper, 28,5x30cm, 2014


There was a time I only dreamed about how my life could be. Than I understood it is time to wake up. Time to start creating and shaping wherever it was possible to influence something.
It is like growing a tree. As more it grows, as stronger it becomes. Sharing with a partner the ‘gardening work’ for the mutual tree of common life leads to even more exciting fulfilment.



Old Lady’s Birthday
ink pen and pencil on paper, 28.5x30cm

In our digital age it became so easy to stay in touch, to stay connected, even to send each other gifts, no matter how far the distance may be. As easy as it is to stay connected these days, it also can seduce us to loose the connection with each other in reality, to spend some real time together.
The old Lady gets as many birthday wishes and gifts straight to her home nowadays as never before. However, she sits alone at her table…