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It started with the big question what kind of gift would be good for second years old son of my best friends. I already planed to write him self illustrated stories from his third birthday on. So I got the idea to work out the characters now and introduce them to him in form of a cube puzzle I knew from my own childhood.

A cube has six sides, so I draw five characters and one group picture of them. Inventing the characters was a big challange. They has to be easy enough for a second years old, but they also need to have the potential to “grow up” with the child. And I want make them as different as possible like a silent message of tolerance and acceptance. That’s what came out of it:


And here the characters:

alfredsmallAlfred the ghost is the central person of group, the guy who keeps them together. He can always electrify all others with his ideas. He’s kind of “head of operation”. Actually a very clever guy and pretty much social. With his temperament and urge for adventures he also brings the group in trouble from time to time. In almost the same manner he coordinates his friends talents to solve tasks, challenges and proplems they have to face.



kastaniettismallKastanietti is the high intelligent nerd of group. He’s the inventor, the crafts man, the engineer. He doesn’t like small talk or just chatting. But if it comes to explaining of how anything works or not works, he can give whole lectures – surprisingly emotional. Usually he’s well known for just some dry comment from time to time. And often bothered from the behavior of his fellows. His usual dry grumpy mood changs completely to overwhelming excitement whenever he solves a problem or creates something new what finally works.



cloudiasmallCloudia is a very girlish person. Her moods changes like the German weather and she’s really built close to water. One moment she crys like a watering can, next moment she can laugh loud and high for excitement. She’s crazy about aesthetics and loves to decorate all and everything, especially Sneaky who really not appreciate Cloudias efforts to let her appear more feminine in behavior and appearance.  Cloudia loves to relax in a small breeze of wind, even if she can’t stop chatting at the same time. Usually about things nobody else is interested on.


sneakysmallSneaky actually is a run snail. She’s the fastes of all. And hyperactive. Highly shrewd she raises her fellows to laugh, tells jokes in the most unexpected moments. Sometimes it seems she simply can’t take anything seriously. One of her favorite hobbies is teasing Cloudia a lot. She loves to tease others, sometimes she has to get stopped because she’s gone too far. But if it comes hard, she can be very strong and stubborn fighting for her friends.

And she really mastered looking soooo cute that her friends cant be serious angry with her fore more than a minute after one of her teasing attacks.

flubbersmallFlubber is a very well tempered fellow. He’s a little bit slowly in nearly all especially in mind, but very sweet natured. And patient. He’s the one who usually calms down crying Cloudia with his deep, slowly and calming voice. Besides that he’s more the passive one, just happy to be with the others, doesn’t care really much about what they’re up to do. He simply trusts that his fellows know what they are doing. He just participates. If he says something, then it mostly is a very delayed answer to a question already forgotten by the questioner. Doesn’t matter, everybody likes him. He’s the calming influence, the peace of all senses.

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