2020 –  logo for a radio chat group ‘NKFSU Stammtisch’ meeting on Saturdays during the radio show ‘Uli’s Time Machine’ on Rautemusik.Rock


2015 –  logo for “Stories of new Neighbours – Geschichten neuer Nachbarn”, a project for refugees in Germany to tell their stories in public to reach a better understanding and to minimize prejudice and fear among the German locals


2014 – the logo for AD Arts Collective

il-sc-logo2004 – official logo for the Ilmenauer Studentenclub e.V., a joint venture of four students clubs and a students cafe

saengerlogoklein2013 – official logo for Sylvia Sänger Gesundheits Kommunikation, a german company for health communication

…and of course I designed my own logo, latest version from 2018

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