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I’m honoured to be represented by Toronto based art company Henosis, which offers a growing selection of carefully hand curated contemporary art as high quality fine art prints, various art gifts and life style items. And the best of all, it’s world wide free shipping, allowing easily to order special gifts for your friends around the globe or for yourselves!

Henosis is not just any random art shop. It is indeed a very unique art company run by the artist couple Ashvin and B’lu, based in Toronto/Canada. Their approach of a modern art shop differs a lot from the usual. It is highly important for them to be part of a positive change, therefore it is not only about the quality of selected art, it is also about eco friendly, sustainable and ethical manufacture. Because it matters.

Henosis about their philosophy:

***Ethical, sustainable & original***

A thing of beauty is a joy forever, only when we can reduce our cumulative guilt of abuse, over use and careless tendencies with our actions. 

As an artist-run art company based in Toronto, we wish to make a difference. We wish to make conscious spending mainstream. We have entered the market place with relatable objects on which we represent our favorite art created by living contemporary artists from around the world, not compromising on the quality of the product and the processes involved. 

We investigate and research thoroughly before chosing our production partners and have narrowed down to only those that follow ethical and eco friendly practices. It is is very important for us that our products are free of abuse as much as possible.
 1. Human (without exploitive channels used by popular brands that include child labour & sweat shops in poor countries) 
2. Nature (low waste generation, carbon footprint, water, energy and heat involved in the production). 

Ethical & sustainable channeling of the market place to produce genuine art and thus maintain the uniqueness of it – is the underlying philosophy of our business.

As artists, we could simply be producing our art and not be bothered about the responsibility of running a business. We realise that unless we work from within the system we cannot correct it. We are here to make ‘conscious buying/spending’ mainstream. Being a part of the solution is possible only by being present through our actions everyday. We are very happy to be here and proud about what we are able to do even though it might be just a drop in the ocean.

– B’lu