‘Wecke Rockt’ – a special portrait of a special radio moderator and his shows

During the past weeks I was busy working on the ‘Wecke Rockt’ trying to capture the essence of the one-of-a-kind radio moderator Wecke with his two live show types “Wecke Rockt” [Wecke Rocks] and “Weckes Wecker” [freely translated: Wecke’s WakeUp show] running on RauteMusik Rock stream.

Having chosen an A2 paper sheet with an ink pen tip sized 0.03mm, it took me 66 hours of pure drawing time, not to mention countless hours browsing for reference pictures as inspirational guideline for all kind of details. The result:

‘Wecke Rockt’ – ink pen on paper, 42 x 59,4cm, 2022

The reason I decided to pick up the pen and create this illustration, portraying moderator and his shows in this manner, is based on my deep admiration of his work. Being a dedicated listener since more than 5 years I can confirm, his shows with their themed specials are more than just entertainment, they are well composed pieces of art ‘painted’ with music and moderation, passionately and meticulously prepared and served. He’s a master in storytelling around, through and underlined with music.
In the show accompanying chat he connects with the audience, offers even more background insights around the theme, generally creating a community feeling and an atmosphere of collective journey and exploration experience.

Radio moderator Wecke (Florian Weckwerth) is based in the German Hanseatic city of Lübeck and he likes to start his radio show streams in the morning. Besides his passion for music he has a deep interest in nordic culture. He’s a maker and creator, very crafty and has a small obsession with the Star Wars universe. Reviewing concerts and interviewing bands is an important part of his work, often collaborating with the musician and artist agency NOCUT. You may find some hints of all those facts in my illustration along with band logos and some more subtle hints of bands, to whom he has special connections and/or some deeper background stories. By the way, the desk corner streaming station with all the technical equipment down to the coffee mug is based on a reference picture of his real work space – that’s where the magic happens.

Each of Wecke’s shows is clear structured with some fix points around the theme part. One of those fix points is a weather report. Begin of 2017 as I was new on the rock stream and its chat, Wecke asked me, from where I’ve tuned in, which was and still is Abu Dhabi. As it was time for his regular weather report, he gave a breakdown about Austria, Switzerland and Germany, mentioning an interesting choice of areas, cities and towns, which appeared to me somewhat randomly chosen, and – to my big surprise – ending with Abu Dhabi and Moscow. As it turned out, in his weather reports Wecke usually emphasizes all whereabouts of listeners, he’s aware of. I felt welcomed immediately. Of course, ‘weather’ took a dedicated space in my illustration as well.

Now, if you are curious and eager for a cruise with the “Wecke Rockt” and somewhat skilled in understanding German language, follow up for show announcements on following channels:
facebook: Wecke Rockt and/or RauteMusik Rock, instagram: WeckeHL and/or RauteMusik Rock

To listen in and join the chat tune in rm.fm/rock

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