‘Thesis/Antithesis’ – an art collaboration

I had the pleasure to create a synergetic artwork for a highly special ambient music album, while deep diving into the sounds of the very same. The music somehow is directly connecting to my neuronal network, grounding and calming, inviting my mind to float through the eternity of everything and nothing, and at the end guiding me gently to resurface again, while still carrying the feeling of deep relaxation and grounding within myself…

The result of this collaboration is the album ‘Thesis/Antithesis’, released by CoM (‘Circle of Mind’, a side project of Skadi). You can now download the album for free or a donation of your choice: skadi-music.bandcamp.com/album/thesis-antithesis

You definitely need to check this out, when you are looking for something for or to help with:

  • deeply relaxing
  • meditating
  • calming down a hyper sensitive nervous system
  • calming background music to help concentrate with studying and high focus demanding work tasks
  • enjoying calming ambient music in general

There is also a video file for ‘Thesis’ in the download package. My recommendation: Darken your room, lay down comfortably with legs up, throw the video on a screen and go lost in dream wandering while staring at it. For me it worked like a therapeutic deep relaxation experience.

Alexander Leßwing, the composing sound magician behind Skadi and side projects, is a dear friend of mine, and we were talking about a potential collaboration already since 20 years. I couldn’t have imagined a better piece of music for our long planned collaboration finally happening, coming along with such a healing component during the process of creation.

Please feel cordially invited to learn more about Skadi and his side projects, and enjoy listening into his impressive body of works. He offers all of his music for free download with the option to donate on his band camp page: skadi-music.bandcamp.com

Alexander Leßwing about his music:

Skadi was founded in 2001 by myself. The project combines dark ambient scapes with ethnic and ritual passages. The purpose of my music is a transformation of emotions and situations into sound. Thus, it’s mood if often deeply emotional and melancholic. My music is mostly available for free because everyone who wants to listen to my music should be able to do so regardless if they pay or donate for the music or not.
My side projects:
CoM (Circle of Mind) was founded in 1993 as my first ambient project. CoM has its influence from drone and ethereal ambient
Psychogram exists since the late 90s and is an dark ambient interpretation of psychic disorders.

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