#TinfoilHatFashion #AluHutModen – an invitation to design

[Deutsche Version befindet hier]

Recently, whenever I look into German and international Western news, even everywhere on social media, one topic is more and more present: the so-called ‘tinfoil hats’ and their weird conspiracy theories. Though I’m not sure why those get so much media attention at all, I have my difficulties as an artist and fact loving person to wrap my mind around the entire phenomenon and its unnecessary attention in all kinds of media. I’m in favor of the freedom that everyone can believe what they want, as long as they don’t hurt anyone. But seriously, not every believe/theory is worth to be promoted on a larger stage.

Not a day goes by without a new conspiracy theory being introduced, and I figured some of them have a thing in common: They appear to outmatch each other in absurdity and creativity, as there would be an art contest running for the award of most weirdest creative absurd idea. Well, creativity and art are concepts I actually can wrap my mind around. Looking at it like this, I realized that by all the absurd creativity behind some conspiracy theories, there is still a huge lack of imagination regarding designs in tinfoil hat fashion. Always the same basic version. So I decided to help out a bit…

Working on my version of #TinfoilHatFashion #AluHutModen turned out to be a good way to channel all my irritation, frustration and bewilderment about the entire topic into something nice and funny. I want to invite all, who are equally upset, irritated, frustrated and bewildered by the rise of conspiracy theory attention, to take part in a highly satisfying art therapy session of tinfoil hat manufacturing. Create your master piece of hat fashion and post it on facebook/twitter/instagram adding #TinfoilHatFashion #AluHutModen

It may not change a thing in real about the issue referred to, but it is a good exercise in crafting and may spread a bit of creative fun to brighten the day in otherwise gloomy times.

…stay creative, stay safe, stay home! …with or without tinfoil 😉

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