rm.fm rock stream a.k.a. heavy.radio

Since 2017 I’m patron listener of RauteMusik rock stream, nowadays also known as heavy.radio. Their moderated shows are accompanied by a live chat, and during the years deeper connections to some of the moderators and patron chat companions happened to evolve. Over the time some fun illustrations came out of it, used as show flyers and even raffled off as a print during a show special.

Two of them are a visualisations of what regarding show would look like as a ‘streaming mobile’. Basically ‘spirit portraits’ of the show and their moderators.

The ‘Wecke Rockt’ illustration ended in a rather more circumstantial collaborative project, you may find all the details about it in my regarding art blog post.

“Wecke Rockt” – ink pen on paper, 42×59.4cm, 2022

‘Uli’s Time Machine’ is a weekly show on Saturdays. The illustration of the Time Machine Tourbus is based on a chat conversation among moderator and radio show patrons, all scattered across Germany, about how to visit us in Abu Dhabi for a BBQ. Somehow we ended up joking about them needing a bus to collect everyone and to undertake the trip. That bus should also include Uli’s radio streaming equipment in order to make sure, no show date will be skipped in the meantime. We also discussed what would be needed on the bus to make everyone comfortable on the run. The result is ‘Uli’s Time Machine Tourbus’ where all patrons find something personal included as well as the moderator and the show itself. Now there are ‘bus stops’ in shape of prints on walls at Uli’s streaming station in Sindelfingen and by some patrons, the original is prominently positioned in our very own living room. The bus also made it on a moderator’s t-shirt and will often drive through social media along with the show announcements.

“Uli’s Time Machine Tourbus” – ink pen on paper, 42×59.4cm, 2020

Another piece coming together based on a chat conversation during ‘Uli’s Time Machine’ is our super heroine ‘Rockspaetzle’. She is our chat mascot and occasionally announces the weekly show on social media as well. As you can see on her face masc, she came into existence during the start of the pandemic. To that time the show accompanying chat turned into some sort of regular pup meetup equivalent for all of the patron listeners, as it was for me already from the very begin on.

“Rockspätzle” – ink pen and pencil on paper, 30×40 cm, 2020

The social media show announcements of ‘Melancholic Darkness’ presented by moderator AnneR are also based on a drawing of mine. Besides the regarding specific show date and time the flyer now comes with the new logo from heavy.radio.

So, if you follow the social media accounts of heavy.radio for show schedule updates, you may very well find my works among them occasionally.

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