Masterful Minds – and I’m among them!

“Your art has been published in Masterful Minds Magazine #2” was the subject of a wonderful email I received these days. But how did that happen?

A while ago a curator of Circle Foundation for the Arts (CFA) discovered my website and she decided to send me publishing opportunities. On the begin I thought I simply have ended up in yet another randomly created email list with open calls of course with the obligatory submission fees for the curation process.
But than I received a quite personal written invitation from said curator to actually publish in the Masterful Minds Magazine #2, an online art magazine collaboration of CFA and World Wide Art Books. I got curious, researched both and replied. Imagine my surprise and joy as I received her answer clearly stating a genuine interest in my art and that it is indeed about publishing my work! I decided to take the chance.
And now the magazine is online, I’m officially among the ‘Masterful Minds’ in company of serious impressive artists and their artworks!
Explore for yourself the beautiful collection including a very toughing and inspiring editor’s note on the end of the magazine:

I’m honoured and happy beyond measures to be discovered and found worthy with my art by the CFA curation team to be published in this manner and context! I feel validated regarding my creative works and I’m flattered about the exposure my art now receives.
For that I am deeply grateful!

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