Collaborative Illustrations

…selection of recent collaborative works. In my collaborations section you may find more of my collaborative art projects along with detailed descriptions.

Cover illustration for “Thesis/Antithesis”, a dark ambient music project by CoM (Skadi):

You may find a more detailed description about this project here.

A few of the works I’ve made for the rock stream of raute musik fm, nowadays also known as

“Wecke Rockt” – ink pen on paper, 42×59.4cm, 2022

Everything about and and around the ‘Wecke Rockt’ and where else it sailed on its way you may read here in my art blog.

“Uli’s Time Machine Tourbus” – ink pen on paper, 42×59.4cm, 2020
“Rockspätzle” – ink pen and pencil on paper, 30×40 cm, 2020

More details about my works with and for rock stream including a closer introduction of Rockspaetzle and all about the Tourbus – where it came from, where and why it is driving around social media frequently – you may find here.

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