Rootworks – Wurzelwerke

…an ongoing series about interconnections…

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“Autumn Romance” – ink pen on paper, 30x40cm, 2023
Autumn Romance

Two trees meeting
In autumn of their lives
Each with a decades growth of root work and branches
Each settled in their own ways
Yet, when they start dancing something deeper thrives
Two trees connecting
Carefully probing
Which parts of their root work they may combine
Which parts of their branches to interwine
Two trees falling in love
Longing for growth of even more branches
Together, somewhere down the line…

“Home” – ink pen on paper, 30x30cm, 2021
…what is ‘home’?
– she: “My home is my castle, is my cave, is my safe space”
– he: “My home is where you are, you are my home”
– the cat: “Home? It’s mine!”

“Redefining Boundaries” – ink pen on paper, 30x40cm, 2021

“The Couple” – ink pen on paper, 30x40cm, 2021
…and one being whispers to the other: ‘Don’t worry about the loss of your roots, mine are strong enough to sustain the both of us. You just grow and shed your leaves, they may fertilize our soil

“Collaboration” – ink pen on paper, 30x30cm, 2021
“Rampart” – ink pen on paper, 30×40 cm, 2021
…growing a rampart to shield from the world
From all its noise and hassle
Within the walls the being may still grow
Just into an entirely different direction…

“Ingrown” – ink pen on paper, 21 x 28cm, 2020
“Apart” – ink pen on paper, 28x21cm. 2018
“Grassroots Movement” – ink pen on paper, 21x28cm, 2016 – One enlarged version acrylics on canvas, 75x100cm, 2017

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