Art Exhibition: Inspired by the UAE – German Artists in Abu Dhabi

Begin of the year I became once more involved in curation works, this time together with co-curator Angelika Hamilton. We feel honoured and grateful for the amazing support of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Abu Dhabi and Etihad Modern Art Gallery to make this happen:

In addition two Art Talks will take place on October 7 and 14 on 7:30pm, featuring Manuela Emmer and Angelika Hamilton on Oct 7 and Petra Kaltenbach, Ulrike Krocker and arsnecopinata on Oct 14.

From the press release:


“Inspired by the UAE” is the theme under which five of Germany’s most talented UAE based female artists bring together a body of work that illustrates how life in the UAE has influenced and enriched their artistic experience.
arsnecopinata, Manuela Emmer, Angelika Hamilton, Petra Kaltenbach and Ulrike Krocker use diverse and unusual techniques to consider family life, cultural immersion, transformative powers and human connections in a body of work that invites very personal reflections for all viewers.


arsnecopinata uses a figurative abstract style that focuses on what connects us as humans and how we profit by learning from and communicating with each other – especially among the diversity of people in UAE.

Manuela Emmer presents “MERGE”, a series of portrait photographs reflecting on families of various cultures and ethnic backgrounds living in the UAE, inspired by H.H. Sheikh Zayed and his vision of tolerance and co-existence.

Angelika Hamilton’s “Approximations” charts a personal story, measuring cultural immersion by using an object that intrigues most visitors on arrival to the UAE: The Emirati Burqa.

Petra Kaltenbach’s series “Transformation” brings the contrast between old and new to the canvas with ground breaking digital printing technique that involve rust.

Ulrike Krocker’s flow paintings transfer the vibrant and dynamic flow of the Emirates onto the canvas in mesmerizing swirls and curves that bind energetic forces into harmony.


Looking forward to see you there!



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